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Oksana Dmytrenko

Chris Zarembinski is the most amazing Doctor out there, but more than that he is a wonderful friend! Thank you for showing so much care and concern over the years. I appreciate you very much.

Karina Smirnoff

Thank you Dr. Z for taking care of my body and giving me an opportunity to keep dancing!!!  

Tristan Macmanus

Dancing all day takes its toll on the body. Dr. Z always puts me back together and keeps me in tip top shape.  

Kym Johnson

Thanks to Dr Zarembinski, I was able to keep dancing in the midst of my injury and he helped me recover with rehabilitation. I can’t help him enough for all he did for me.

Moon Bloodgood

Dr. Z helped me enormously with my neck pain through facet injections. As a former dancer, I had accumulated a lot of injuries and was so relieved to find him. It’s not just about finding the right treatment, it’s also about finding a caring and understanding physician.